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H.Wechtlin; Crocefissione - 350


Painter and xylograph of the German Renaissance active between 1502 and 1526, whose woodcuts are his only remaining work. Although most of his engravings were performed as book illustrations, he was also a prolific creator of chiaroscuro woodcuts with two or more colors produced as...

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Farinati P; S. Giovanni Evangelista - 350


Venetian painter and engraver, probably also a sculptor and architect. Son of Lucia Bonato and of the painter Giovanni Battista di Cristoforo, who was probably Paolo's first teacher. According to Vasari, he completed his apprenticeship with the painter Nicola Giolfino, the main exponent of a...

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Brizio F; La Madonna della scodella - 350

BRIZIO Francesco

Son of Giovanni Ludovico and Orsolina Pizziroldi was born in Bologna around 1574. Initially he began his career as a shoemaker, but soon, seconded in his artistic tendencies by his stepfather, he became a pupil of the Bolognese painter Bartolomeo Passarotti. Subsequently he was first...

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Anonimo; Gesu guarisce il cieco - 350

Anonymous (about 1480)

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Baccio Baldini; L'inferno - 350


Information on the life and works of Baccio Baldini are scarce and often uncertain. The most concrete reference is perhaps the one that Vasari gave us: about the 'Life of Marcantonio Bolognese', he describes Baccio as a student of Maso Finiguerra and his successor in...

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