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Flemish School

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From the second half of the fifteenth century onwards Flanders have been one of the most active centres of the graphic art in Europe.

In the cities of Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent and Brussels arose many of the most famous printing- works of the North and many were the talented artists that provided them with their engravings; just think of Pieter Bruegel and the printshop ‘Aux quatre vents’ of H. Cock.

Antonie Van Dyck and Pieter Paul Rubens personally engraved a few works but they collected around them a lot of talented engravers to whom they entrusted their designs to be translated into printing.

Engraving was an art that was taught and handed down from father to son, and several were in Flanders, the dynasties of engravers such as Galle, De Jode, De Passe and Collaert, that were active for several generations.