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SUYDERHOEF Jonas; Le tre streghe - 350


(Haarlem 1613 – 1686)

Son of Andreas Pietersz, secretary of the Dutch Ambassador in Constantinople, Jonas was an illustrious engraver, very popular and appreciated in his time, but there is little news about him.
In fact, considering his fame, it is surprising how little is known of his life. He spent his entire career at Haarlem, making a total of 138 etchings. His oldest work is dated 1641, while the last is from 1669. It is presumed that he studied and carried out his apprenticeship with the painter and engraver Pieter Soutman, as the two artists collaborated for a long time.
Most of Suyderhoef’s works are etchings derived from portraits of Dutch masters such as Rubens, Hals and Van Dyke, as well as some mythological scenes and genre subjects mainly derived from Van Ostade.
He developed a refined and delicate engraving technique, which allowed him to reach various shades of half tones in his works, often finished with a burin. In 1677, he joined the Guild of Haarlem where he appeared as a dean in 1678. He died in Haarlem in May 1686.

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